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The Importance of Stadium Fences

Aug. 24, 2020

Stadium chain link fence is also called "sports fence" and "sports fence". It is a new type of protection product specially designed for stadiums. The product has high body cleaning and strong anti-climbing ability.

Chain fence

Chain Link Fence (made of high-quality low-carbon galvanized iron wire crocheted with high-temperature plasticization treatment, widely used for safety protection of stadiums, green spaces, and residential areas, with anti-aging, corrosion resistance, smooth mesh surface and not easy to deform Features.


The fence is welded by high-quality steel pipes, and the surface is sprayed with electrostatic dust, which is strong and wear-resistant, beautiful in appearance, and long in service life.

Steel pipe fence

Electrostatic sprayed steel pipe mesh, horizontal and vertical bars are connected by gas shielded welding, and the welded joints are then treated with zinc to prevent corrosion. Sturdy, durable, reliable connection, excellent corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, weather resistance and long-term surface self-cleaning ability.

Zinc alloy sandwich composite board

The stadium baffle allows the ball to hit the baffle to bounce back to get some tactical passes, which increase the fun of the movement; the height of the ground to the top of the zinc alloy sandwich composite board frame is 1.2 meters, and the four sides are all wrapped with aluminum profiles. The groove joint installation method is installed on both sides of the reinforced base.

Nylon rope net

The fence of the cage football field is made of polyester woven rope net. The nylon rope net has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and high temperature resistance. At the same time, it is waterproof, sun-proof and weather-resistant.

The fence is a very common item in life, such as the balcony of a private house, or a community, factory, etc. can be seen. The materials they use are also different, they can be wooden, iron wire, or zinc steel. Each product has its own advantages, and its cost performance is also different. For example, although some products have better quality, they are more expensive. The use of sports fences is relatively large. It is better to choose products with high quality and favorable prices.

Mesh Fence Panel

Mesh Fence Panel

Some people may be thinking, why do stadiums have to use fences? Isn't it good to open it directly? This kind of thinking may be a bit one-sided. For example, in a football field, football will be kicked by sports people. If a passerby walks by, it is easy to be hit and cause unnecessary damage. Using the stadium fence can prevent similar things from happening, and at the same time prevent football from flying indiscriminately. People don't have to pick up the ball everywhere, saving a lot of effort. At the same time, the choice of materials for stadium fences is also exquisite, and it is necessary to choose products that have a long use time and strong endurance. Due to the wide use area of the fence, it is troublesome to replace it once. If the service life is long, you can save a lot of trouble and save costs. At the same time, the surface of the fence also needs to be flat and smooth, if someone accidentally hits it, if there is an uneven bump, it will cause scratches.

At the same time, the appearance of the mesh fence panel can also be aesthetically pleasing, especially in some large stadiums. The fence can be fully matched with the environment. In addition to basic protection, it can also play a certain role. The beautiful effect.

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