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Wire Mesh Fence

Wire Mesh Fence

Product Description

Products information:  Wire mesh fence also named wire fencing. It is a very wide range of protection products.
According to uses:  Railway fence, Bridge fence, Highway fence, Sports fence, Airport fence, and so on.
According to style:  Frame fence, Triangular bending fence, Double wire fence, Double circle fence, Scalloped fence, etc.

Products Category:
According to production characteristics can be divided into: Welded wire fence, Chain link fence, Razor barbed wire fence, Expanded metal fence, etc.
1. Welded wire fence through welding machine welded iron wire, cold-dipped galvanized wire and hot-dipped galvanized wire, then by bending, spray or PVC, and other procedures produced by processing. With the character of corrosion resistance, aesthetic, protective effect. 
2. Chain link fence weaved by all kind of metal wire through chain link fence machine, such as, PVC coated wire, galvanized wire, etc. With the character of strong impact, appearance, corrosion resistance, protection.
3. Barbed wire made from high quality galvanized wire, PVC wire, with the character of simple construction, good protection.
4. In recent years, razor barbed wire is a new type product for production and isolation. It uses steel wire attached to metal forming package (muscle wire) is made above. Sharp knife stab both beautiful and people do not Haner millet. After the two-button fitted into the bellows-like, both beautiful and good intimidation played a role.

Wire Mesh Fence Wire Mesh Fence

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