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What Garden Landscape Architecture Are Often Used for Gabion Cages?

Oct. 29, 2020

Gabion Basket manufacturers share this article for you.

In recent years, gabion cages have become the focus of many gardens and landscapes. Gabion cages are cages, baskets, cages or baskets for storing beautiful natural stones, and are generally used for landscaping and beautifying the environment. For example, it is used to protect mountain slopes to protect privacy or sound insulation. But the stone cages look good in the garden or terrace. They can be used as walls and enclosures, raised beds, columns, dustbins or simply as decorative elements. There are almost no restrictions on the creative garden design with gabions.

In addition to being decorative, the stone cage wall can also be used as a privacy fence. This is a fashionable alternative to traditional stone walls. It requires laborious construction by masons and is easily destroyed. This kind of cage filled with stones can be assembled quickly, and you can put your own unique stamps at will. In order to keep various gems together, we provide gabion nets with various mesh sizes and different model sizes. The stone cage net basket can be rectangular, square, narrow or wide, which provides a variety of options for constructing a safety wall in a strong net enclosure. Multiple baskets can be connected to each other, the effect is very stable. For example, you can use this method to build an imaginative and highly distinctive privacy fence. If you are looking for simple care, year-round privacy protection or garden fences, please choose gabion nets. Unlike hedges, gabion walls can also prevent eyes from being pried in autumn and winter, so cutting is not necessary. Of course, if you like green, you can also plant or cover gabions. Alternatively, other materials (such as granite steles or wooden elements) can be used to loosen the stone walls. Wooden fences can also be combined with gabion posts.

Gabion Basket

Gabion Basket 

Garden bed with raised stone cage

The outer iron cage of the stone basket is filled with natural stone, the inside is lined with wool, and filled with soil. Then, you can plant gabion raised beds according to your wishes. Advantages: They allow special backward gardening and are not susceptible to weeds and pests.

Gabion stools, seats and furniture

Stone cage stools and stools are sturdy and easy-care seats for gardens and terraces. By using a filled wire mesh basket as a base and mounting plates on it, a bench can be created from the gabion. You can also fix the seat between two gabions. If needed, you can plant flowers in these gabions at the ends of the bench. Longer gabion benches can also be used in the corners.

This kind of Gabion Basket can be filled with a variety of light or dark stones, including those currently sold exclusively as gabion stones. Reddish granite, gray quarry stones, light-colored Jura mountains or silver-black alpine stones and colored gravel are examples of beautiful stone fillings that can be visually related to the surrounding environment in this way coordination. In addition to natural stone, other creative filling materials for gabions are also possible-please pay attention to the mesh size.

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