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How to Deal With Gabion Net?

Nov. 12, 2020

Hexagonal MeshWelded Gabion, also known as "Gabion" and "Gabion", is assembled from a variety of standard green grid plates, and can be supported by filling stones. Structure, usually used in ecological protection projects.

The structure is made of high-galvanized steel wire or 10% zinc-aluminum alloy steel wire through double-stranded weaving. The length of the double-stranded must not be less than 45mm to ensure that its own anti-corrosion function is not damaged during stranding. If the environment is bad and the pollution is serious, then the surface of the steel wire can be coated with plastic (pvc) to enhance the corrosion resistance of the steel wire.

This is a new type of ecological structure. The use of green coast mats is often used in conjunction with solid cages, which can achieve excellent effects. They are all net cages woven from low-carbon steel wires. Strong impact performance. If in a crisis situation, the maximum water velocity can be accepted as strong as 6m/s, and the filling material in the cage will not be taken away by the flood even if there is a small displacement under the high-speed water flow. Instead, it reaches a new balance through its own conditioning. The connection force between the unit structures can also make it stronger and have the common anti-wind wave erosion performance. The gaps in the filler in the solid cage can crush the waves and reduce the wave pressure. When the wave retreats, the vacuum suction can be damaged, and the fine-tuning of the structure itself can ensure the safety and stability of the project.

This is made of low-carbon steel wire with special anti-corrosion treatment, namely thick galvanizing, thick galvanizing (5% aluminum-zinc alloy + rare earth elements), 10% aluminum-zinc alloy plating, thick galvanizing and plastic coating, thick galvanizing And covered with plastic, thickly plated 10% aluminum-zinc alloy and covered with plastic. After mechanical weaving, a mesh mat structure made of hexagonal double-stranded steel wire mesh is formed, and the internal stone is filled to form a flexible, water-permeable, overall, durable, fast construction, and environmentally friendly slope protection structure. The structure not only satisfies the requirements of engineering safety, but also facilitates the circulation of water sources between plant roots and soil, and achieves the function of beautifying the environment. It is a typical economic and ecological protection structure.

Galvanized gabion mesh, the galvanized gabion mesh is mainly used to make gabion mesh. There are many materials for galvanized gabion mesh, such as zinc coating, galvanized iron wire and galvanized steel wire, basically 240 grams. There are two main types of galvanized Hexagonal Mesh materials: (1) Galvanized iron wire: low carbon steel wire rope, steel wire diameter between 2.0mm and 4.0mm, the tensile strength of the steel wire is greater than or equal to 380Mpa, surface treatment steel, galvanized The coating thickness of hot-dip galvanizing can be produced according to customer requirements. The maximum galvanizing amount can reach 300 g/m². (2) Aluminum-zinc-5% mixed rare earth alloy steel wire is a new material, the traditional corrosion resistance is more than three times that of pure galvanizing, and the diameter is between 1.0 mm and 3.0 mm.

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