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Ten Reasons Why You Should Use Gabion Walls

Nov. 26, 2020

Gabion BasketGabion Basket is a cage-like shell filled with stones, bricks, or broken concrete to form a wall or fence. They can be stacked like bricks and can be used for many practical and aesthetic reasons, such as fenced gardens or property. Gabion nets are increasingly used to build walls, pillars, fences, and divide structures and areas. Baskets come in various sizes, and various designs can be created.

The gabion basket is made of strong wire mesh. They are especially popular among gardeners and gardeners. Gabion Basket manufacturers will introduce some reasons for installing them.

1. Durable

The gabion wall is made of durable metal wire mesh, which forms the gabion basket, keeping the structure of the wall. Another interesting fact is that they even become stronger over time. This is because, over time, silt and vegetation will be collected between the baskets being full. Wire mesh is more than just a container. It strengthens the overall structure of this wall. With age, these walls will even form a naturally strong and permanent structure. In addition, some people also use stone cage net baskets as the base of benches and tables.

2. Provide flexibility

Another reason these walls have withstood the test of time is that they are highly durable and flexible. It will not break even under high pressure. Instead, its basket is very slightly compressed or deformed. This function makes the gabion wall highly functional, thereby preventing the loss of the structural integrity of the wall, and even becoming stronger with the passage of time. In addition, since they are not fixed to the ground, they allow small ground movements to occur.

3. Cost-effective

They are not as expensive as those made of concrete, brick and mortar. The gabion baskets are filled with broken concrete and stones and can also be purchased locally at a lower cost. In addition, compared with concrete walls, the formation of gabion walls also requires less work and labor. If you want to build a gabion wall with a height of more than one meter, please consult a gabion wall professional. Within a low budget, you can have a durable and beautiful wall.

4. Company foundation

Another major benefit of choosing these walls is that they do not require traditional foundations. They only need a compacted layer made of crushed stone to lay a solid foundation for the gabion net. The base is seamlessly placed on appropriately level and flat ground so that the bottom can be firmly planted in the field. It provides frictional strength, can fix the basket in place, and prevent the wall structure from being damaged or dragged.

5. Beautiful

Another good reason why such walls are famous and admirable is that they look natural and can match the surrounding space by using local filling materials. They help achieve your aesthetic goals. The gabion wall can be made of baskets of different sizes and shapes. When the curved baskets are placed together, they can also be used to form curves or circles. In addition, fillers of various sizes, textures and colors can be used to make the wall beautiful.

6. Unique appearance

Gabion walls are not found in every block. They have a unique and elegant appearance, making your house look expensive and luxurious. This also shows the good taste of the homeowner. If the house you want stands out from the rest of the street, then these walls are ideal for you. They are not only different in appearance, but also different in structure.

7. Become stronger over time

Although most structures will weaken over time, they do the opposite. As they grow older, they become stronger. Keep them together without using any materials. Therefore, as time passed, the space between the stones was filled with silt and vegetation. This quality further strengthens the wall and ensures that even walls that are hundreds of years old will not become weaker and will be stronger than ever.

8. Quick build

They do not need any cement mixture when building them. All it needs is a structure that is created only once at the beginning. After the foundation, they only fix the stone technically. This is why this wall was built in a short time. They don’t even need to be cleaned continuously when placing each row. Fast construction means less labor time and less cost. Compared with conventional bricks, stone is expensive according to the type you choose. However, labor savings and its unique style make up for this.

You don’t have to leave your home or cancel your family plan just because you are building the wall. Such walls are durable when they are created. You or any of your family members don’t need to wait for it to dry. They also don't need paint or cement layer.

9. Good drainage

Water can destroy walls, but not such walls. These walls allow water to drain from the inside because there are gaps between the stones. You can control the flow of water to lead it to the drain. No matter how heavy the rain is, these walls will stand firm. Use this water to clean them and make them look new and attractive. However, this also means that you cannot use them for interior walls of houses. Water won't affect them, but they can't stop it either. You should consider this before building these walls.

10.Natural colors

There are many types of rocks, with different sizes, styles and colors. The best thing about them is that their colors and shapes are natural. Therefore, you can choose any color or design stone for the gabion wall. You can have completely white or completely black walls without any paint, just the natural color of rock. You can also choose to use different rock combinations to draw designs on the wall. Many people even use rocks of different sizes for creativity. If you know what you are doing, then you will get a stronger, unique and fascinating wall.

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