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Welded Wire Mesh

Feb. 23, 2021

Welded Wire Mesh

Welded mesh, also known as welded mesh, or "welded mesh" for short, is a prefabricated mesh of low carbon or stainless steel mesh. They are welded together at each intersection to provide a highly durable and uniform material suitable for various applications.

The resulting grid can be sold in rolls or plates, depending on the size of the wires themselves and the openings between the wires. The opening itself can be square or (rectangular) rectangular.

Commonly used welded mesh

You will find welding networks in various industries, such as agriculture, gardening, transportation, mining, and construction. Here are some of the most common usage:


Thicker steel wire mesh can provide a good internal framework for reinforced concrete structures. This additive significantly improves the tensile strength of the material, otherwise, the material is easily broken under vibration, deformation, and warpage.


Those looking for relatively inexpensive security solutions often turn to welded wire mesh, which is stronger than links and can still be seen. Applications range from low-security prisons and military facilities to private offices and homes. It can even be placed in factories and other industrial buildings as a protective material around heavy machinery.


The perfect combination of strength, low cost, and ease of installation make the welded mesh a popular choice for grilled roads (especially for subway system ventilation) and for covering roadside drains.

Purpose of decoration

PVC wire mesh fences come in a variety of colors and coatings and are used by the company for the appearance of pergolas, flowerbed fences, birdcages, etc. Some people think it is very suitable for hanging plants to the ground or placing them in flower sheds, closets, or even retail stores.

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Wire Mesh

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