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The Difference Between Welding Gabion Mesh and Ordinary Gabion Mesh

Jul. 08, 2020

The Gabion Basket manufacturers share this article for you.

For the stone cage net, everyone will think of a cage structure filled with stones in the river, near the bridge, and on the dam. Today, we are talking about a welded stone cage net, which is also a common stone cage net, also known as a hexagonal stone cage net. Its function is the same as the stone cage net, but its usage is slightly different from the ordinary stone cage net. Today I will show you the difference between the two:

The gabion mesh is made by twisting and weaving the gabion mesh machine. There is no welding point on the whole, which is one of the differences from the gabion mesh welding. In addition, the wire diameter of the gabion net is relatively small, not more than 4mm, usually 2-3mm, while the wire diameter of the welded gabion net is usually more than 4mm, and the horizontal line even reaches 10mm. In addition, gabion nets are usually used in large areas, basically not used alone, because they are easily deformed during installation, and usually need to be fixed on the outside to be filled inside. On the contrary, since the steel wire is thick and not easily deformed, a welded gabion mesh can be used alone. Usually, you only need to add ribs to support it. The following introduces the parameters and uses of the welding stone cage!

Welded Gabion

Welded Gabion

1. General technical parameters of welded Gabion

(1) The screen size of electric welding gabion mesh: 80*150mm/85*210mm

(2) The wire diameter of welded gabion mesh: 5-8mm

(3) The dimensions of the cage of the welded gabion mesh: length, width, and height have no fixed dimensions, and can be manufactured according to customer requirements.

(4) The material of the welded gabion mesh: electro galvanized, hot-dip galvanized, high hot-dip galvanized, zinc-aluminum alloy, this is the same as the galvanized gabion mesh.

Welded gabion nets are usually box-shaped structures with a total of six sides. After the production of the welded gabion net is completed, transportation problems need to be solved, so it is necessary to compress and package them, and then arrive at the installation site for assembly. Customers who do not use this product usually do not know what to do. The specific assembly process is as follows:

(1) Unpack the welded gabion net, take out the product, and then unfold each side of the welded gabion net, usually with six sides, and the opening facing upward, which is convenient for stone installation.

(2) Bundle the folded electric welding gabion net with the binding wire, usually with 2.2mm steel wire, place the welding gabion net on the construction site, and then wait for the internal filling. After the stone is filled, cover the welding stone Cage the net, then seal and strap it.

Welded gabion nets are usually used as landscape fences. They can be used in public places such as parks, squares, tourist attractions, and restaurants, bars, KTV, and other entertainment venues. In addition, it can be used in your farmhouse. In private areas such as courtyards and villa courtyards, welded gabion nets perfectly display the elegant quality of landscape fences with their extraordinary performance and beautiful appearance.

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