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What Is a Gabion Basket?

Mar. 22, 2021

What Is a Gabion Basket?

When evaluating pipeline erosion control methods, one technique is to use gabion baskets. Gabion baskets are very useful when solving the problem of riverbank stability.

What are Gabion baskets?

The gabion basket is a rectangular basket made of galvanized iron wire. When the gabion is used as an erosion tool, the basket is filled with stones. Then, they are placed on the slope as semi-flexible building blocks. Erosion control experts may also recommend trees and other vegetation to be built in baskets to stabilize them. Installing plants and trees in gabion baskets can also reduce runoff.

How can gabion baskets help reduce the risk of erosion?

Gabion baskets are effective tools against erosion because they can minimize the impact of water flow. Because of their simple design, experts have many ways to use them. The use of gabion baskets:

• As a retaining wall on steep slopes

•Strengthen the embankment of narrow waterways

• Change the water flow to better protect the eroded river course

These baskets are also a practical choice during construction. Because the basket is filled with stones, it is easier to transport it from the construction site to the construction site. Those who are worried about erosion during construction projects will wisely consider this low-cost investment, which they can use for multiple projects.

Other ways to use gabion baskets

Generally, erosion control experts prefer to use gabion baskets in areas where the water velocity is higher than 6 feet per second. They are also useful in areas where vegetation protection methods alone are not enough, but they help to allow vegetation to take root.

In areas with rapid water flow, it is almost impossible to install vegetation because it is easily washed away. This is especially true if groundwater flows excessively. However, planting vegetation in a sturdy structure like a stone cage can promote growth.

In addition, erosion control experts also use gabion baskets in areas where river banks are prone to collapse, and where the vertical integrity of soil banks requires higher tensile strength. In some places, rocks or rips are sufficient, but the required size of rocks cannot withstand the expected shear stresses imposed on the revetment. This kind of basket is also useful. The gabion basket creates a more cohesive structure because the wire mesh binds them together.

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